Monday, June 22, 2009

Disneyland is for lovers

So this isn't a "live" post. It's actually rather interesting. You see I'm currently on an alaska 737 flying south from my homeland to reach sunny Arizona to see my fabulous family and to drive my mom back home. My blackberry is on just not wirelessly connected to anything. So I'm typing this up on my notepad, plan to copy and paste it to my bloggy blog then call it a good day! :) I'm really excited about this little adventure but nervous too. Not so much because I'm going to be in Arizona (please, I used to live there!) Its the first time in the 7 months David and I have been married that we are spending apart save from the hours of work or partying away from each other. I know it's not a big deal but to me it is. Flying alone kinda sucks too....I forgot about this.... The past 5 times I've gone places david has been with me so that I guess makes this a little more depressing too.

Okay enough of me being a cry baby! On a happier note after I'm done spending a fabulous week with fabulou people in Arizona my mother and I will be roadtrippy-ing back to WaRshington...I told her I'd do this but with one rule....she has to take me to Vegas!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!! Clearly she agreed because I'm on a plane right now. I don't know why I love Vegas so much but I really do, there is some sort of electricity about it that run through your veins while you're there....probably all the watts of lights frying your brain!

So why is my title 'bout Disneyland? Well I think my husband is addicted to Disney and don't get me wrong I'm stoked about it but just slightly shocked at the same time. We went to Disneyland last year in august right before we got engaged...then we decided we wanted to go again so we said we'd go for my birthday. Instead of doing that though we went to disneyWORLD for spring break/my birthday. It was a lot of fun but we'll probably never do it again. DisneyLAND is so much closer and way better especially now that they have our favorite ride from Florida (woody's shoot 'em up ride). Anyway, David has mentioned numerous times that we should go to disneyland again so I suggested that we go for our one year anniversary in November instead of doing Vegas like we originally have planned (we did Vegas for our honeymoon!)

Back to my current situation... I have a window seat which is awesome I won't lie but check this out: I'm sitting next to this couple that is easily 60+ and they're all cute and old and they've been great to sit next to until the worst thing ever could happen (no, they didn't die!)....the woman put on super strong, super smelly, super old lady-ish lotion. I'm not joking it reaks.... You know airplanes don't have the great aromas but I'd rather smell the musk of the boeing workers than this stuff that is sufficating my smellers..... I seriously feel them burning off as I sit here typing this... WHO DOES THAT in an enclosed area with 100 strangers? I like to think of myself as NOT being a hypersensitive type but this is just plain not cool....and I don't have anyone to whine to next to me. Oh no...the old lady got coffe and its super bumpy....if I get coffee all over myself I'm going to go all Paris Hilton on them and kick 'em in the shins...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

6 months and into summer

Wow! It's crazy to think that we've been married over six months now. If you would've asked me a year ago as I was graduating college if I thought I'd be married...6th months too I would have laughed in your face! HA! But what a wonderful blessing it has been.

He is my everything.

My saving grace.

And yes, My Hero.