Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's only a month a way...

Today officially we have been married for 11 months. WOW! What an exciting thing to think about! I thought that I'd share my 11 most memorable moments from the past 11 months. Of course, it no real order.

1: Our surprise trip to the San Diego Zoo for David's birthday.

2: Our apartment flooding and having a mandatory evacuation from our home (yay we moved!).

3: All the snow made our first year so magical. Not to mention it made snuggling EVEN BETTER and you just can't go wrong sleding down the hills at Beamer.

4: 4th of July at Long Beach with my 3 favorite people in the whole wide world: My Husband David, My best girlfriend Chelsea (EZ-$$$), and my other best friend David L. (Da Pimp Dayvido)

5: Finding that Halo is one of the best marital bonding experiences I could ever ask for!

6: Spending Chirstmas Eve at my parents and watching B-rated movies ondemand with my Hubby until 3am Christmas morning.

7: Crying my eyes out in a crappy hotel 1000+ miles away from my home only to have my wonderful husband fix it without any complaint over Denny's food in the muggy Florida weather.

8: Eating Deer meat like it was going out of style.

9: My new fancy 6-shot home defense shotgun that we only shoot birdies with/

10: Not having Davids midnight curfew! :) and spooning.

11: Season DVD's.

What can I say....we have a great life.