Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Construction...it's not my friend

Summer break started two weeks and a day ago...why am I not thrilled? Two reasons:

1. Have you seen the weather in Western Washington? This is beyond bad for this time of year. I want to waterski...boo for this joke of a summer we have started.

2. This is my bigger issue. Construction. Not your everyday roadside construction, we are talking IN MY HOUSE construction. So when the condo's were built they cut corners and didn't follow State law...this a problem that resulted in the HOA having a lawsuit against the builders. We won, woooo....kind of... So now they (a new contractor) is repairing the mistakes. It started back the first week of May...We thought they'd be done with our building seeing that we are one of the first to get started..they aren't and I would like to shoot them in the ear with an airsoft gun. I now wake up at 7:30 to banging and curse words. So much for sleeping in... Luckily the only have to enter my home once more for a short caulking session. We think they will get to siding our house next week THEN maybe my summer will start. I'd post pictures of what the outside looks like but I don't like everyone to know we live in the ghetto right now.

This is what it looked like two weekends ago...we were homeless for two nights. Our fridge was in out dining room and out washer was in our kitchen.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


We FINALLY got our Corgi. We've wanted one for well, ever since we've been married but we were trying to be responsible and make sure we were really ready to own a pet. I can't believe we waited as long as we did. He is the best puppy EVER. He's great at playing, snuggling, and being crazy. We got him a few days shy of 8 weeks. I didn't want to get him so young but our breeder was going out of town on buisness and thought it best for him to come home. As of this past Thursday he was is 11 weeks. He'll be going to his 2nd vet check-up on Tuesday and we are extremely excited about it because it will mark him being FULLY vaccinated and ready to party in public! It's really hard making sure he doesn't get into ANYTHING and making sure he doesn't meet strange dogs. As of now he knows his name very well, come, sit, down, fetch, and leave it. We don't care so much about stupid "tricks" as we do that he is a good "canine citizen." His best friends (besides his mommy) are Lexi the german short hair pointer of my brother, and Raymond a boxer.

This is Diesel at 8 weeks. He still has his blue eyes. His ears are even bigger and batty-er!

At 10 weeks. He has fallen into the lake three times but just can't get enough of his favorite Aunties house! We love going there because he always comes home hungry and pooped!

Lexi isn't allowed off-leash do to a joint surgery so Diesel took her for a walk!

The classic Corgi pose. It's a corgi thing to lay on thier back and sleep. I think it's because of thier low stocky body style!

We took him to the beach today for the first time and he loved it! He is 11 weeks and 2 days.

And finally, we have a stick/diggin dog. Oh joy. :)