Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our New Crib....


We're not talking about baby cribs we're talking MTV **CRIBS**

We moved in on the 15th of this month...We've lived here for a week and we already love this place so much more than our other place.

You see our lease was coming up and we had decided that we were tired of not having enough windows and having too many ridiculous neighbors...both are common problems with renting. We looked into buying but decided that we have no idea if we want to be in the same place for 5 or more years. I've been looking all around the US at jobs that I might want to take and places we think would be fun to live before we decide to "settle down" and have kids. Since there is such a HUGE need for interpreters jobs are often popping up here and there and some seem very intriguing to me.. AKA why we decided to continue to rent.

Anyway, we searched all over Federal Way thinking that's where we wanted to live but nothing seemed right and everything kept falling through. Finally we broadened our search and found this fabulous place. It has tons of windows on every side AND absolutely NO NEIGHBORS! We sit atop of 3 garages (one of which is ours) and share NO walls on any sides or above us. Unreal, right? It's a condo so we deal directly with the owners who are very nice people. I'm excited that we're starting a new adventure even if it isn't too far from our last one! I'd post pictures but I'd have to take some first so I'll maybe get around to it. If you're really interested in how fabulous it is come see it! :)

My work starts up again in less than two weeks. I'm really excited to get my hands up and start interpreting again... don't get me wrong though summer is still my favorite, waterskiing all the could it not be!?! This year I am moving up in the world...okay I'm only moving up a few grades but I am starting at the high school! I'm excited because it will be hard content level compared to what I was doing before and teachers are a lot more fun to interpret for in High School...I just it there better I guess!