Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Windows Windows Everywhere!

Okay so I took a few pictures of our new fabulous place! They're not the greatest pictures and my house isn't exctly spick and span (is that the right term?). But you can't blame me I spent all of Labor Day weekend sick with my wonderful husband caring for me. Needless to say I felt pretty special and I still do! In other news I started work last Thursday. It's really wierd being back at the high school I kind of attended. Of course I don't know any of the teachers (but they all seem to know me) and everyone still calls me a Para ( I'M A FRICKIN' INTERPRETER!!!) but I'm excited about working at the high school level. My schedule has already changed due to difficult classes or case loads (not for me but for kids). I was bummed that I no longer get to interpret a street law class and now in lifetime sports....boo for having to be outside in the winter! However it means less strain on my poor arms which is probably a good thing because a few of my other classes are a lot of work and this 4x4 schedule sucks. Whoever thought high schoolers could handle 90 minute classes clearly didn't go to college...most college kids have trouble focusing for 90 minutes...or maybe it was just me! :)

Picture #1- Our Bedroom...look at all the windows!!!! Ignore the messy bed, clearly I'm doing laundry.
Picture#2- It's our Living Quarters!!! Once again, look at all the windows!!!  AND don't forget our fabulous wedding present of a TV...we were rather disappointed that it didn't fit above our fireplace but I really like how the room fits together with our "wedding shrine" above the fireplace.
Picture #3- The mess hall minus the dining room table. The table is off to the right of that picture I didn't think it was an important piece to fit it...not as much as the WINDOWS (get the theme?). I love the kitchen. We both fit in it at the same time which isn't true for a lot of places...apparently people don't like big kitchens. To the righ tof the fridge, if you can see that door, is our pantry/laundry room...we multi-task now...COOK and CLEAN at the same time! :)

Anyway hope you enjoy and have a wonderful start to September!

Living quarters

mess hall