Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm home sick. It really sucks.

The worst part about being sick at home today of all days is that I will be kicked out in a while because of all the construction. They are FINALLY finishing our patio and once they do that we aren't allowed to walk on it for numerous hours. How fair is that? Not even be allowed at home when you are feeling like crap?
Let us now recap my feeling sick because I am the biggest whiner EVER when I am sick and would like everyone to feel my pain!

8 am- woke up whining with a sore throat and a pounding headache. Had hubby make me something to try to help the hurt...Turns out that was a terrible idea...
9 am- Spend this part of my morning having my body reject said something that I thought would help. Let's just say I was in love with my tile in my bathroom after the rejection happened.
10-4 - We had a bunch of errands we had to do in getting ready for hunting next weekend so I bucked up and tried to do what was needed...turned out to be a bad idea because as soon as I got home I crashed.

About the same...
I stayed in my pajamas all day because I felt like death...

6 am- I think, "I'm tough I can go to work, interpret all day, and still survive even though I STILL feel like death!"
2:05pm- school was done and I CRAWLED to my car because CLEARLY I wasn't well enough to work even though I did....I can't believe myself...
8:55pm- I make what I believe to be the Mormons "shot + chasers" combo to try to kick this/ allow me to sleep (see picture below)

6 am- realize going to work is going to make this thing last longer. Call in, tell my girls, crawl back in bed with puppy in tow.
8 am- hear banging and realize that the stupid construction may be working on my house today. Urgh, I don't want to leave...

That leads us to now. I'm watching something pointless on one of the 5 channels I get on tv trying to decide what I'm going to do. As of right now I think i will just stay here until I am forced out...Please just pray that they decide to do our deck tomorrow and not today...that would make this ALL better!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Laundry List

I'm such a list-er! I don't think I can function a full day without some kind of list on my mind, hands, or paper. I blame my career choice. In ASL you list things on your hands...things you wouldn't normally list in English... I guess this would be my second language invading my first language...

Geese second language maybe you should step off and take you lists elsewhere.

THAT ^ would be the day I graduated as a Interpreter.
THAT^ would be the day my second language took over.
(Can't you tell my growing up has really happened?)

With that being said I have a mental list in my head of what I'd like to blog about.

1. I would rather spend time reading other peoples blog than writing in my own.
    What? How lame am I? I LOVE to write and ramble about anything, everything, and nothing! Just ask my husband. A hundred + long mission letters later...he knows.

2. I'm listening to Jason Mraz and pining for my BFF. Gah. Jason, why do you make me feel this way? "You're an island of reality in an ocean of diariha."

3. This is probably the most important on my laundry list. I'm going to start classes to get my teacher certificate. It's like...easy... Well, for me it is. I always had in the back of my mind that if I got burned out on interpreting I would get my certificate and be one of the "cool teachers." I'm in no way burnt out but I need to start now and finish before David and I decide to start a family, move, or do anything else that might stop me. Anyway, all of the classes are "accelerated" which means this time next year ***IF I WANTED*** I could be teaching. I probably won't be, but who knows, maybe we'll move to New York and I'll want to? The funniest thing about me become a teacher is the fact that I am VERY uncomfortable around kids. I mean, honestly people NO ONE should ever allow me to babysit. I am the youngest in my direct family...I am the youngest cousin. None of my brothers have kids. I'm just unexposed. I think that's what I work so very well in High School. They get me, I get them. I dug through a bunch of pictures to find one of THE ONLY pictures of me looking like I know what I'm doing with kids just for your viewing pleasure.

And just to prove how i really am around kids... He wanted anyone but me!

4.Why do I list? I feel so lame.

5. David's job has him working 12-15 hours a day. Oh joy. I now know what it's like to be a single parent...of a dog... I don't want to sound like a whiner but I really miss my man. I'm gratiful for all his crazy hard work and the economic boost it will do for us but how can you ever resist my husbands furry face.

6. I forgot what number I was on and had to refer back. I normally only list to 5. Once I get past that I don't have enough fingers to list on one hand and sign with the other...
Blog readers say hello to my list hand. This is my list hand pre-marriage and pre-davids post-mission. I wore that ring for like 4 years. I love it and so does my listing hand.

7. My puppy is still the cutest thing ever. As of 2 days ago he is officially 5 mon;ths old! He is fully potty trained and crate trained. He knows the following tricks: sit, down, stay, up, bang(aka play dead), roll over, shake, high five, leave it, let(give it), come, stay, wait, get it, bring it here, and of course play like a maniac! He's been such a fun addition to our little family. He goes everywhere with us and loves to snuggle his mommy! He just got neutered last month and so we are hoping that will stop any "boy" behaviors from ever starting. He's microchipped now too so don't even think about stealing him! And just like real little boys he loves mud.

So there you have it. My issue with listing. My second language is (PAH!*) coming through on my blog and all of you viewers out there have to suffer through my bi-ligual gibberish. It's extra gibberish because one of my languages doesn't have a written form which is a problem when blogging. So for now I am PAH! done!

*PAH! in ASL is the grammatical structure you would use when signing the concept FINALLY