Sunday, November 21, 2010

the end of two

Today is the last day of our first two years.  <3

To celebrate that we have spent the day drinking hot cocoa and watching it snow. <3

That's right, it's snowing! I couldn't be happier! <3

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whatever you think, I didn't wait

I was thinking today about David serving his mission. It was a rough two years for me, I won't lie. In the end I changed a lot and some of it for the good and some of it for the not so good. The reason I was thinking about this was because I ran across a "waiting" blog. It made me rather...angry? Well, not really angry but kind of angry/annoyed. The whole idea of setting your life aside for two years is still a baffling thought to me.

"But Chelsey, I thought you waited?"

Whatever you think, I didn't wait.

I told him I wouldn't. Did I write him? Yes. Did I love him? Yes. Did I miss him? Yes. But I didn't wait.

Waiting as defined here states the verb as "to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens ."

If you know me at all I know nothing of the word repose in my life. I don't wait. I am THE MOST impatient person on this planet.

I know that the Lord wanted us to be together but I also know that the Lord does not want anyone to sit idly by on anything we do at any time.

My advice? Don't wait, live your life. If you are meant to be the Lord will make it happen. Three months before David came home I realized via prayer that we were meant to be. I still didn't wait. Waiting is the lamest of all verbs.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

insurance insurance insurance!!!

In the past three weeks I've:

-Had a gross wart (under my wedding ring!) removed
        That turned into a blister
           popped WHILE interpreting....
              became an open wound
                 still is a huge wound
                      wound cleaner $10, Vicodin $5 (yeah it hurt that bad)
                      I still can't wear my ring. Does that mean I'm single?

-Had pink eye
        haven't been able to wear contacts for two weeks.
            infected a coworker
               did you know anti-biotics for this cost $35   ?   
                  Dumb children don't know how to wash themselves.....

-Had TWO, not one, TWO spider bites on my legs
           That turned into an infection
                 which turned into the most painful thing ever, aka can't walk
                      which turned into the THIRD trip to the doctor in under two weeks
                          Anti-biotics $15
                               I am now done with 10 days of two pills twice a day
                                  And did I mention one of them got worse? WAY worse?
                                      So coming this week I'll be headed to the doccy for trip #4.

What is the silver lining in all of this?

I'm Double Insured.
God Bless America for that!
I've only had to pay for medicine. Not even copays or deductables. If I did....woah, I'd be broke.
Thank you Federal Way Public Schools.
Thank you David Jarvis and Richards Pipe.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Everyone seems to be having babies.

As of late it sure seems that EVERYONE around us is gettin' it on in the baby-makin' world.

That's great and all, but stop pressuring us.

We don't want kids at 23 or 24 or really even seems so young for me.

Instead of getting ready for a baby we are going to Vegas. Yes that's right, Vegas! I'm so excited. I loooove Vegas. David loves Vegas. Who doesn't love Vegas? Don't answer that. I'm sure someone will say they don't.

Congrats to all you people birthing or adopting babies. Tell me when they'll be here and I'll buy a bib that says "My Auntie had fun in Vegas."


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm home sick. It really sucks.

The worst part about being sick at home today of all days is that I will be kicked out in a while because of all the construction. They are FINALLY finishing our patio and once they do that we aren't allowed to walk on it for numerous hours. How fair is that? Not even be allowed at home when you are feeling like crap?
Let us now recap my feeling sick because I am the biggest whiner EVER when I am sick and would like everyone to feel my pain!

8 am- woke up whining with a sore throat and a pounding headache. Had hubby make me something to try to help the hurt...Turns out that was a terrible idea...
9 am- Spend this part of my morning having my body reject said something that I thought would help. Let's just say I was in love with my tile in my bathroom after the rejection happened.
10-4 - We had a bunch of errands we had to do in getting ready for hunting next weekend so I bucked up and tried to do what was needed...turned out to be a bad idea because as soon as I got home I crashed.

About the same...
I stayed in my pajamas all day because I felt like death...

6 am- I think, "I'm tough I can go to work, interpret all day, and still survive even though I STILL feel like death!"
2:05pm- school was done and I CRAWLED to my car because CLEARLY I wasn't well enough to work even though I did....I can't believe myself...
8:55pm- I make what I believe to be the Mormons "shot + chasers" combo to try to kick this/ allow me to sleep (see picture below)

6 am- realize going to work is going to make this thing last longer. Call in, tell my girls, crawl back in bed with puppy in tow.
8 am- hear banging and realize that the stupid construction may be working on my house today. Urgh, I don't want to leave...

That leads us to now. I'm watching something pointless on one of the 5 channels I get on tv trying to decide what I'm going to do. As of right now I think i will just stay here until I am forced out...Please just pray that they decide to do our deck tomorrow and not today...that would make this ALL better!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Laundry List

I'm such a list-er! I don't think I can function a full day without some kind of list on my mind, hands, or paper. I blame my career choice. In ASL you list things on your hands...things you wouldn't normally list in English... I guess this would be my second language invading my first language...

Geese second language maybe you should step off and take you lists elsewhere.

THAT ^ would be the day I graduated as a Interpreter.
THAT^ would be the day my second language took over.
(Can't you tell my growing up has really happened?)

With that being said I have a mental list in my head of what I'd like to blog about.

1. I would rather spend time reading other peoples blog than writing in my own.
    What? How lame am I? I LOVE to write and ramble about anything, everything, and nothing! Just ask my husband. A hundred + long mission letters later...he knows.

2. I'm listening to Jason Mraz and pining for my BFF. Gah. Jason, why do you make me feel this way? "You're an island of reality in an ocean of diariha."

3. This is probably the most important on my laundry list. I'm going to start classes to get my teacher certificate. It's like...easy... Well, for me it is. I always had in the back of my mind that if I got burned out on interpreting I would get my certificate and be one of the "cool teachers." I'm in no way burnt out but I need to start now and finish before David and I decide to start a family, move, or do anything else that might stop me. Anyway, all of the classes are "accelerated" which means this time next year ***IF I WANTED*** I could be teaching. I probably won't be, but who knows, maybe we'll move to New York and I'll want to? The funniest thing about me become a teacher is the fact that I am VERY uncomfortable around kids. I mean, honestly people NO ONE should ever allow me to babysit. I am the youngest in my direct family...I am the youngest cousin. None of my brothers have kids. I'm just unexposed. I think that's what I work so very well in High School. They get me, I get them. I dug through a bunch of pictures to find one of THE ONLY pictures of me looking like I know what I'm doing with kids just for your viewing pleasure.

And just to prove how i really am around kids... He wanted anyone but me!

4.Why do I list? I feel so lame.

5. David's job has him working 12-15 hours a day. Oh joy. I now know what it's like to be a single parent...of a dog... I don't want to sound like a whiner but I really miss my man. I'm gratiful for all his crazy hard work and the economic boost it will do for us but how can you ever resist my husbands furry face.

6. I forgot what number I was on and had to refer back. I normally only list to 5. Once I get past that I don't have enough fingers to list on one hand and sign with the other...
Blog readers say hello to my list hand. This is my list hand pre-marriage and pre-davids post-mission. I wore that ring for like 4 years. I love it and so does my listing hand.

7. My puppy is still the cutest thing ever. As of 2 days ago he is officially 5 mon;ths old! He is fully potty trained and crate trained. He knows the following tricks: sit, down, stay, up, bang(aka play dead), roll over, shake, high five, leave it, let(give it), come, stay, wait, get it, bring it here, and of course play like a maniac! He's been such a fun addition to our little family. He goes everywhere with us and loves to snuggle his mommy! He just got neutered last month and so we are hoping that will stop any "boy" behaviors from ever starting. He's microchipped now too so don't even think about stealing him! And just like real little boys he loves mud.

So there you have it. My issue with listing. My second language is (PAH!*) coming through on my blog and all of you viewers out there have to suffer through my bi-ligual gibberish. It's extra gibberish because one of my languages doesn't have a written form which is a problem when blogging. So for now I am PAH! done!

*PAH! in ASL is the grammatical structure you would use when signing the concept FINALLY

Monday, July 19, 2010

Prineville...kind of

We just got back from my favorite vacation in Prineville, OR. I have tons of random pictures...but I have too much laundry and a dirty dog I have to clean. So until can just be jealous knowing I have a beautiful tan.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010's not my friend

Summer break started two weeks and a day ago...why am I not thrilled? Two reasons:

1. Have you seen the weather in Western Washington? This is beyond bad for this time of year. I want to for this joke of a summer we have started.

2. This is my bigger issue. Construction. Not your everyday roadside construction, we are talking IN MY HOUSE construction. So when the condo's were built they cut corners and didn't follow State law...this a problem that resulted in the HOA having a lawsuit against the builders. We won, woooo....kind of... So now they (a new contractor) is repairing the mistakes. It started back the first week of May...We thought they'd be done with our building seeing that we are one of the first to get started..they aren't and I would like to shoot them in the ear with an airsoft gun. I now wake up at 7:30 to banging and curse words. So much for sleeping in... Luckily the only have to enter my home once more for a short caulking session. We think they will get to siding our house next week THEN maybe my summer will start. I'd post pictures of what the outside looks like but I don't like everyone to know we live in the ghetto right now.

This is what it looked like two weekends ago...we were homeless for two nights. Our fridge was in out dining room and out washer was in our kitchen.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


We FINALLY got our Corgi. We've wanted one for well, ever since we've been married but we were trying to be responsible and make sure we were really ready to own a pet. I can't believe we waited as long as we did. He is the best puppy EVER. He's great at playing, snuggling, and being crazy. We got him a few days shy of 8 weeks. I didn't want to get him so young but our breeder was going out of town on buisness and thought it best for him to come home. As of this past Thursday he was is 11 weeks. He'll be going to his 2nd vet check-up on Tuesday and we are extremely excited about it because it will mark him being FULLY vaccinated and ready to party in public! It's really hard making sure he doesn't get into ANYTHING and making sure he doesn't meet strange dogs. As of now he knows his name very well, come, sit, down, fetch, and leave it. We don't care so much about stupid "tricks" as we do that he is a good "canine citizen." His best friends (besides his mommy) are Lexi the german short hair pointer of my brother, and Raymond a boxer.

This is Diesel at 8 weeks. He still has his blue eyes. His ears are even bigger and batty-er!

At 10 weeks. He has fallen into the lake three times but just can't get enough of his favorite Aunties house! We love going there because he always comes home hungry and pooped!

Lexi isn't allowed off-leash do to a joint surgery so Diesel took her for a walk!

The classic Corgi pose. It's a corgi thing to lay on thier back and sleep. I think it's because of thier low stocky body style!

We took him to the beach today for the first time and he loved it! He is 11 weeks and 2 days.

And finally, we have a stick/diggin dog. Oh joy. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Messy Interpreter Biz

Random interpreting story for the day:

So I was interpreting for a Deaf client today and they started to talk about the movie "DOOM." Sad day for me because it's one movie I have NEVER seen nor heard of. So the person was rambling on about it and then started talking about this one part where a character "ate a rose." Just bit the head clean off the ROSE!The person kept going on to say that thier mother was super grossed out by that part and blah blah blah. Me being the interpreter I am thought it was interesting but I still didn't think much of it...I mean, after all maybe the mom was a tree-hugger or something? Come to find out I had miss interpreted the whole thing...the person was signing RAT not ROSE. I felt kinda silly to say the least but I patched up my mistake and move on. It still doens't make a ton of sense that a character would eat a RAT either (or a ROSE). Finally the person got the reaction they wanted out of the story. It's pretty gross to eat a RAT and just kinda wierd to eat a ROSE. Two major different reactions with one simple mistake! Try telling someone in English that you bit of a roses head...they'll be confused... then tell them you bit of a rat's head and VOILA the grossed out "that's the nastiest thing ever" reaction you were looking for!

And trust me...

if you'd have been the interpreter you would've thought rose too.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Science Center sucks at Science

Here's a story for you:

Last Friday night David and I decided to take my parents to go see Avatar in IMAX 3-D! We've all wanted to but I refused to pay $13 dollars for each of the tickets, $2.50 for a convience fee PER ticket, and another $3.00 just for using the site. I kept telling myself I would just go into Seattle a purchase the tickets but I never got around to it. Finall I bit the bullet and bought the tickets for my parents' birthdays. We went to the late late showing by the way, so we were all jacked up on Mt. Dew so we could make it through the 3 hour ordeal.
 We go to Seattle by 10.
We were in line at 10:10
We had GREAT seats at 10:45


something wasn't quite right...

The man came on and explained how great IMAX was blah blah blah. The screen started to play but shut off almost immediatly. WHAT THE? The projector was only running on half the voltage it needed. We were told that without 10% power the colors weren't going to be as bright and there would be a awkward lag time. BOOOOO

We waited...

"Just a few more minutes folks."

and waited....

"the tech girl should be here soon."

and waited...

"if you want to leave we understand, go to the front for ticket exchange."

and waited!!!

FINALLY at midnight the man came on and told us,

"Sorry everybody the projector is broke, you can get your money back"

So now it's midnight, we are in Seattle waiting in a long line to get my $13 dollars for each ticket, $2.50 for a convience fee PER ticket, and another $3.00 from the site. We got up to the poor guy whom was at the front desk. David and I had agreed that we'd be as nice as possible because let's face it, that guy was hating his life right about then. He said we were allowed a full refund of $52...GREAT! .... wait... 52? that only covers my $13 per ticket...not havin' it. We asked the poor fellow if we could please have our $13 service charge money back and he told us no in the meanest way possible! How rude? NO WHERE on the Pacific Science Center website does it say that if THEY cancel a show that you won't get your money back...ALL OF IT! I was very angry at this man but we walked away because clearly he wasn't going to help.
David called thier hotline that night, or should I say that morning, and said
"my name is David, my number is blah blah blah, 1-I want a phone call back, 2-i want ALL of my money back, 3-Jim needs to be nicer next time."

We figured they wouldn't call us back and we'd have to hound them for my service fees BUT the PSC is awesome let me tell you! They called us the very next day (a Saturday, too!) and gave us ALL our mooolaaa back AND free tickets to the center AND we got our apology (even though Jim should have been the one to say it).

Apparently we are just not meant to see Avatar in IMAX 3-D .


I still really want to.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Open letter to a cousin friend

My best friends are all scattered around the United States. It's actually really sad for me but great at the same time because I have excuses to travel just to see my wonderful BFF's.

Today I would like to write about my best friend from Arizona. She happens to be my twin sister whom was born 6 years before me and to my mother's sister. That doesn't stop me from calling her SIS!

Lea is pretty much the coolest person you will ever meet. Ever since I was born I've looked up to her. She is so confident and beautiful both on the inside and out. I believe that everyone she meets she has an impact on. She showers people with kindness, make people look (and feel) fabulous, sings to anyone, and is just all around bubbly!

I was going to publish an Ode to Lea today (as my title suggests) but I've decided to write all the reasons (that I can think of on a Wednesday) why I love her so much in the form of an open letter.

Dear Cousin/Friend Lea,

I don't know if you realize how amazing you are. This letter is to help you understand why this world would suck without you and to show you how important you are to me.

Ever since day one I have looked up to you. When I was a wee-little girl my favorite trips were the ones where I got to spend 6 hours in a car just to come down and see you in a school play. I would sit in the audience of that small Glide gym awe struck by the best performance ever. I would leave from Aunties house thinking to myself "when I'm finally in high school I'm going to be JUST LIKE LEA." I was jealous of all the things you knew how to do; tap dancing, singing, piano, drama, the list just goes on!

When you got older you started to come up and visit my family alone on your spring break. I was always so mad that I had to be in school while you were here. How dare they make me go to jail when I could have been hanging on your super cool every word!

When you graduated I got to hear you sing Sarah McLachlan’s famous departing words "Don't let your life pass you by." To this day I can't hear that song and not think of you. Your beautiful voice is etched into my memory (and your bittersweet tears as you sang those words).

When I was in seventh grade you got married to Mr. Perfect. I was so excited to be in your wedding party (it was the first and now only wedding I have even been in where I wasn't a flower girl). I remember the night before your wedding hanging out in Grandpa's old trailer giggling about really stupid things that I don't even remember and being excited to finally be "one of the girls" with you. I always was 'the younger girl cousin.' Isn't it ironic that you felt that same way when my brothers would hang out with Mike? Your wedding day was perfect, nothing out of place. I was yet again rather jealous of how cool you were.

Finally I reached high school and sadly so you were a lot farther away from me than a 6 hour car ride. I figured my super cool cousin was just a long lost thing. Lucky for me you moved to the baseball Mecca of the states and I was OBSESSED. It was a perfect shoe in to put you back on my super cool cousin radar. I loved coming and visiting you even though I still felt like "the younger girl cousin." I didn't care.

At the time I started college we still weren't best friends, just cousins. It's not a bad thing but being your friend is way better than being JUST cousins.

As my second year in college rolled around you already two babies down (two yet to come) and not that much closer to us being BFF. Who would have guessed that something so tragic would have made something so wonderful too? As you called me day after day to hound me it was the start of the greatest friendship ever. From then on I lost my super cool cousin I was always jealous of and gained a super cool cousin best friend that could never be replaced.

We talked for hours on the phone laughing and crying over every little thing that was happening in the world. You helped me through my husband’s mission, my oldest friend dying, my college career, my family life, my dumb girl drama and everything else.

When I had the opportunity to choose my internship anywhere in the US I thought of all the wonderful places I wanted to go. Secretly though I wanted to go to Arizona the whole time. Where else was my best friend? Living in the desert not so paradise was 3 of the best months ever! We watched tons of pointless tv shows, loved on the cutest babies EVER, had so much great girl time and I learned about a million things from you!

You're the best mother I've ever seen (besides my own of course (: ). Your kids are the sweetest pumpkins ever! You treat your husband with such respect as does he to you. I think everyone could learn a lesson or two from you guys. You're not afraid to do things even though you are really scared of them. You still go after your passions in life and love every minute of it! You're the best friend I've always needed. You've never wronged me. You've put me before you countless times. You've put me in my place when I needed a good talking to. You've introduced me to Everclear and Moulin Rouge. You made me try things I wasn't excited to but am now glad you did. You've stood up to my mother when I was afraid to. You made me look beautiful again and again at no charge even on the most important day of my life. Most of all YOU are one of the most Christ-like people I know.

I just hope you always know you're amazing.

And my best friend.

And my role model.

Love always,

Your Sister that was born 6 years after you to a different mother

Monday, February 1, 2010

Revenge of a high school student

Are you serious?!?
Do I LOOK like a high school student?
I have been working here for FIVE MONTHS!

How embarressing for me? wait. How embarressing for me!!! I went to check out a book at the library for prep work for the new semester (because I'm a good interpreter!) and the lovely woman behind the counter pulled up my account and i just happened to peer over the counter and see that it stated RUNNING START as my status...not STAFF as it should. Why in the world am I still listed as a student when I have been working for this district for two friggin' years!?!
Anyway, it all worked out for the best. I have a grown up account now and my other one is listed as inactive.
The new semester started today. I have Pre-AP science TWICE and a super fun English class where I get to do tons of fun "prep work." <---aka reading books that the kids read

Science = Icky
 English = WOOHOO!

P.S. if you when to FWPS you probably still have an account as well...they don't go away, they don't delete them, and remember that lovely student I.D. number that was your slave number? Yeah, it's still yours and only yours.

High School me for your enjoyment:


Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today is the last day of first semester in the high schools.
Today is my last day interpreting in my Engineering Design class.
Today is my last day spending 2 1/2 hours each morning with 20 guys and no girls.

Today happens to be a "leadership activity" day. What the heck does that mean?
The boys play Halo, Modern Warfare, watch the movie 9, and eat pizza at 8am.
Could my last day on this job be any cooler?

Tonight My Love and I will be joining my family of rednecks at the Sportsman's show in Puyallup. Why I am going to endure fishing poles, stinky deer bait junk, and lots of stuff I don't understand?

This is why:

This prize jewel is so glorious I can't help but drool over it! I first laid my eyes on it when I was bored one day at my parents house so I decided to open up the cabela's magazine. I'm not normally a one who really cares about specific guns...but this one...I love. It is my inner pirate wanting to come out. AND it's practical, we could turkey and grouse hunt with it. I think I could do in a bird with this gun.

Does that make me slightly redneck too?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

grumpy on the inside

I have a lot to whine about.

As I started to type it out I realized how dumb it sounded.

So, I'm not going to whine.

I'm just going to let it fume inside of me until it burns out...

It probably won't burn out anytime soon, Dang.

On a brighter note:

1. David's new job happens to be 5 minutes from our Castelletto. Really exciting if you ask me. His hours are 7-3:30 and mine are 7:05-2:05/3:30. Don't they just fit nice together? We aren't the kind of couple who would survive very long with having schedules that don't coincide.

2. I have a three day weekend starting on Friday. I have a four day weekend Valentines Day weekend. It keeps me going knowing that summer is coming too. High School kids just burn me out.

3. We're debating joining the 21st century again. The internet set up at our home kinda sounds nice. If we did so it would mean more pictures up here and WAY more posts. (I always feel guilty for the lack there of)

4. We are trying to decide between growing up or staying carefree. We want a new SUV to tow all our toys but we also REAALLLLYYY like taking tons of vacations. Is it time to give up our vacations every six months for a swanky new "G" ride?

5. Is it summer yet?