Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today is the last day of first semester in the high schools.
Today is my last day interpreting in my Engineering Design class.
Today is my last day spending 2 1/2 hours each morning with 20 guys and no girls.

Today happens to be a "leadership activity" day. What the heck does that mean?
The boys play Halo, Modern Warfare, watch the movie 9, and eat pizza at 8am.
Could my last day on this job be any cooler?

Tonight My Love and I will be joining my family of rednecks at the Sportsman's show in Puyallup. Why I am going to endure fishing poles, stinky deer bait junk, and lots of stuff I don't understand?

This is why:

This prize jewel is so glorious I can't help but drool over it! I first laid my eyes on it when I was bored one day at my parents house so I decided to open up the cabela's magazine. I'm not normally a one who really cares about specific guns...but this one...I love. It is my inner pirate wanting to come out. AND it's practical, we could turkey and grouse hunt with it. I think I could do in a bird with this gun.

Does that make me slightly redneck too?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

grumpy on the inside

I have a lot to whine about.

As I started to type it out I realized how dumb it sounded.

So, I'm not going to whine.

I'm just going to let it fume inside of me until it burns out...

It probably won't burn out anytime soon, Dang.

On a brighter note:

1. David's new job happens to be 5 minutes from our Castelletto. Really exciting if you ask me. His hours are 7-3:30 and mine are 7:05-2:05/3:30. Don't they just fit nice together? We aren't the kind of couple who would survive very long with having schedules that don't coincide.

2. I have a three day weekend starting on Friday. I have a four day weekend Valentines Day weekend. It keeps me going knowing that summer is coming too. High School kids just burn me out.

3. We're debating joining the 21st century again. The internet set up at our home kinda sounds nice. If we did so it would mean more pictures up here and WAY more posts. (I always feel guilty for the lack there of)

4. We are trying to decide between growing up or staying carefree. We want a new SUV to tow all our toys but we also REAALLLLYYY like taking tons of vacations. Is it time to give up our vacations every six months for a swanky new "G" ride?

5. Is it summer yet?