Sunday, July 24, 2011

The great birthday turtle

My good friend Brandon as pictured here turned 25 last weekend. He's pretty awesome so I thought I'd celebrate his awesomeness with a super cool cake.

Now I knew that for my sweet sexybakerman I couldn't just do any ole cake. So I got my creative on an googled turtle cakes(sea turtles happen to be his favorite) and decided I'd have a go at a turtle cupcake design found all over google search. Now they used big/normal cupcakes but I only have a pan for mini's and let's face it- smaller=cuter.

So after baking a butt load of these little bad boys I let them cool for 'bout one hour then got to the arranging as seen below.

Then with a little chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting, and food coloring I got nice and goopy (at least it was tasty) to finish my birthday masterpiece.

I am no kitchen/baking angel but all that mattered was that B-rad enjoyed his cake and from the partying we did that night I'd say he did! My hubby def. Appreciated the mini bundles of goodness too for the next three days. Lucky me, I'm not a cake fan! :)

P.S. This was via Sasha my iPhone. How did it turn out?