Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's get the ball rollin'

Can't you see David and I being awesome homeowners? I sure can.

It's consumed me and until recently I've tried to hide m craziness about it. I keep telling myself "not everyone wants to hear about your future bungalow Chelsey." But, like I said, I've decided to let out my crazy obsession and share it with the world.

So for today's post I want to tell you what we're looking for in a house. At least the abbreviated version.

1. We want a hunk of land. No, not acreage but something to call 'our dirt.' I'm tired of having "shared" areas. It's uncomfortable, crowded, not very private, and not to mention I don't want to raise apartment kids. If you don't understand that term you obviously didn't live across the street from apartments your whole childhood. (*Please don't take that offensive anyone, not all kids fit into that stereotype.)

2. We want a fixer-upper. Not only can we not afford a shiny new house, we don't really want one! I love reading Better Homes and Gardens to see all the fabulous remodels and up-do's people perform on houses! I'd feel guilty replace the brand new carpet in a brand new house to put in my beloved hardwoods but in a fixer-upper? Guilt free because let's face it, it'll need to be done! We also like to work together. It's such a bonding experience to work toward a common goal and get to see the end result of your labor.

3.(Secretly) We(and I really mean I on this one) don't want it to have a washer and dryer. Well that seems dumb doesn't it? I want an excuse to buy my idea of a housewife's naughty dream. That's right, a front loading RED washer and dryer set. David thinks I'm silly but boy do I want them. I'm normally not really a pick it before you have to(get that?) kind of person but these bad boys I've drooled over for years. Once again, I'm tired of apartment(condo right now) bottom of the barrel washer and dryer. I hate that it take 3 times for my towels to dry, and yes we have cleaned out all the ducts, some dryers just naturally suck.

4. We want a dining room. If you've been over to my house you know that our dining room consists of my college table that has been converted into a front door/foyer table. We have no chairs (because they all broke) and we never eat there. We sit on the floor to eat. Unconventional, I know but still pretty awesome, right? I already have my dining room designed. David, who I have learned is quite the craftsman, has agreed to make/build me a booth style, breakfast nook type dining room. No matter what kind of house we live in formal dining just isn't our thing. This cafe style will be the perfect fit to our life.

5. We want a garage. The main reason we want a garage is why? David wants to prove to both our families that garages are for cars, not everything else. It's rather hilarious to listen to him "discuss" his future plans for his/my cars garage.I guess if I can have my red washer and dryer he can have his clean garage. Most people say "yeah, we'll see if you can actually do that when you have a house," my argument: I hate junk. If it has no purpose just get rid of it.

But Chelsey, what about specifics? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and all the like? Where are you wanting to move? We'll my friends, I want to leave a little bit to a surprise. I'm convincing my mom that we're moving to Montana, and if someone wants to hire me in Spokane, why the heck not?

P.S.  Remember this cutie? He turned one on April 8th. Yeah, he still sleeps like a porn star...dirty dog.