Monday, March 14, 2011

My Wild West

The quickest update in the wild west:

  • I have only one class after then one (15 class session all together! WOOOO) and then I will be a employable ASL teacher. If you know anyone who's hiring send it my way.
  • There is less than 3 1/2 months left until glorious glorious summer time for me! AKA NO work and still paid!
  • David is going to be taking a class to get his national welding certification soon! Holla'!
  • Puppy is the most amazing creature to walk Lakeland Hills. We are currently trying to teach him how to "pound it." I'm sure if we tried a little bit harder than we are he'd have it. He's a really quick learner but his momma is being lazy bout the whole thing.
  • We went camping last month with John, Moriah, and thier cute pooches. It was super windy but we still had an awesome time watching b-rated movies in the camper and sitting 'round the fire. We can't wait to do it again, hopefully when it's warmer and less windy!
  • Our new favorite XBOX game is Borderlands. With over a million different gun combo's, how could it not be? I want to move to the planet Pandora just so I can snipe some skags!
  • We finally got around to actually playing the Kinect and it was A LOT of fun.
  • The Jarvis family is on a VERY strict budget system these days. Remember me talking about taxes and if we should have a baby, buy a house, or learn a clicky language? Well no matter which we choose we need a financial backer and since no one is really willing to invest it has to be us.
  • Just kidding, the budget is strictly for a house, not the other two...seriously, no babies, and the clicky language I'm just going to learn off YouTube.
  • David is going to Colorado to help his brother and wifey move back to Warshington. I'm so excited to have them close...even if they will still be 5 hours away! YAY!
  • I'm interpreting TWO that's right TWO Pacific Northwest History classes this semester. Remember at my work the classes are 90 minutes long? Well that pans out to be 3 oh so long hours of all about PNW fun...Yeah, I'm basically a genius when it comes to this area. By June you'll be able to ask me anything onthe topic and I'll not only tell you but probably recite a Native American poem about it. <- this is my my title is the west of the wild!
  • And now for the best part, pictures.
Okay I lied...sorry....the server isn't allowing it. I promise I have some awesome ones. If you'd like to see them be my FB friend and go look at my album.

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