Friday, August 26, 2011

My craft project post wedding by 3 years

Hey there friends and neighbors! I recently decided to make an arts and craft project because let's face it, I'm bored sometimes with the full summer off.
How this began: when David and I sent out our thank you cards from our wedding we put a tiny 2x3 picture of us in each envelope. After I was done I had a lot left over. I felt guilty throwing them away but knew no one really wants 40+ of the same picture. So what to do?

The middle: I decided I wanted to make a canvas-like collage of these little hummers and have wording over them of one of our favorite quotes. So I bought a canvas at $6 from michaels and I forgot my dang school ID for an additional 15% off so it could've been cheaper but whatev'. I also picked up lettering and spray-your-face-to-concrete-and-it-will-never-come-off all purpose glue from there also. I laid it out flat to do a test run and it looked like so:

Kind of nuts if you ask mE so I knew I had some blingin gold spray paint to make the letters "pop" more but after I did the Y as a test run I knew it'd be took much bling and decided to go in another direction.

The final product: The results were okay. It was a messy porch project but I had fun. Will I hang it in my house? Eh probably not for the whole world to view but in a closet? Sure, why not.

FYI the quote says "quit your life and stay with me." mxpx, it's a great song.

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